Will there be more Cubeey's®?

Yes! Stay tuned on our newsletter in the future for more new and amazing releases to choose from we believe you'll find one to love. We'll even accept suggestions and ideas from you!

What is Cubeey®?

Cubeey® is our original patented designed speaker with moving dancing technology it's much more different than your ordinary bluetooth speaker.

What makes Cubeey® unique?

Cubeey® has the ability to move and dance to your favorite songs you choose! Plus lots of original appearances to choose from this is unlike any speaker seen before! Built to bring you closer to your music and the world around you.

The___ Cubeey® is out of stock when is it going to be restocked?

We try our best to keep each cubeey stocked but sometimes we cannot keep up with high demand please be patient & sign up for alerts so you can be notified when we restock and launch new products! <3

Is Cubeey® a toy?

No Cubeey® is not a toy it is a wireless bluetooth speaker but still the perfect gift for anyone who loves music and jamming out to their favorite songs!

Is Cubeey® Waterproof?

No Cubeey® is not waterproof we would not recommend you place it in the water. However stay tuned in the future as our team is always looking for new ways and suggestions to improve quality for you.

How long can Cubeey® play music?

 Cubeey® can dance and play music for up to 4 hours long!

Does Cubeey® support bluetooth?

Yes Cubeey® can connect to all bluetooth devices both iOS and Android. Also supports hands-free calling.

What is TWS connection?

TWS connection allows you to use one device to connect with two speakers for even more powerful sound playing music from both speakers at the same time.

Does it always have to dance?

No, the dancing feature is a button you can press on or off whenever you want to! (: